Back the Night

With violence on campus rising to epidemic proportions, Em will have none of it. But when her best friend Cassie gets assaulted, Em makes some unexpected discoveries. Sometimes you do the wrong thing for the right reason.



The play is so tightly written and why the actors work so well together . . . You do want to see it, if you appreciate tightly written, psychologically complex plays that make you think . . . It plays out these ideas with truly human characters, who love each other, laugh with each other, confront each other, try to figure out each other — and themselves.Boston Area Small Press & Poetry Scene

What makes it exceptional is the relationship between the two women. When Collins and Jesser start going at each other, Back the Night stops being about women as victims and starts being about women as persons. The kind who own the night . . . Lopez asks whether a lie — perhaps more than one — can serve the greater good. And the production at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre shows how the ramifications of that question can take Back the Night from message play to drama. — The Boston Globe

Production History

Boston Playwrights' Theatre, Boston MA — February 4-28, 2016. Directed by Daniela Varon.