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Acting Edition

Mala is a darkly funny tale about what it means to put our loved ones first, right to the very end, and what happens when we strive to be good but don’t always succeed. It is a comical and brutally honest look at family dynamics, including stubborn parents and unequipped children, and explores the unsentimental poetry of everyday life. A one-woman tour-de-force for a powerful actress, MALA careens from comedy to deep pathos, while having the toughest conversation about the most common of events—the end of life.




An Audible Original read by Melinda Lopez


Mala coming soon in Spanish!

 Becoming Cuba

Ser Cuba (Escenarios del mundo)

Spanish Edition

Two important plays by Boston-based Cuban American playwright, Melinda Lopez, in Spanish translation.


the new england new play anthology

featuring Becoming cuba

set on the eve of the spanish american war, in Havana, adela must choose between country, family and love

Sonia Flew

Acting Edition

A powerful story of love and sacrifice that The Boston Globe calls an ""extraordinary achievement by an emerging playwright."" Cuban exile Sonia is forced to relive her tumultuous childhood when her only son enlists in the military following 9/11. Using humor and sensitivity, Sonia Flew paints a lyrical portrait of two families in two countries over a 40-year span.


Sonia Flew


A L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring: Philip Casnoff, Hector Elizondo, James Martinez, Rachel Nicks, Isabelle Ortega, Elizabeth Pena


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The Best Men's Stage Monologues of 2008 (Monologue Audition Series)

Featuring Gary and other contemporary works

Smith and Kraus continues to bring you more of the annual best in audition materials. You ll find an original collection of contemporary playwriting and scenes from recent plays. More popular than ever before, the Monologue Audition series offers a rich and varied selection of both comic and dramatic scenes for a wide variety of age groups.