An Incredibly important day for Cuba...and for me.

Obama said my name.
That's my baby photo. Thats Cuba. WTF.
I sent that anecdote off in an email about a week ago to the Ambassador. Had no idea it would happen...

You see it in Melinda Lopez, who came to her family’s old home. And as she was walking the streets, an elderly woman recognized her as her mother’s daughter, and began to cry... Melinda later said, ‘So many of us are now getting so much back.’
— President Barack Obama, March 22, 2016

I'm kind of freaking out. Here's an interview I did with RadioBoston about this remarkable, unexpected, monumental moment.

dreaming of Cuba...

dreaming of Cuba...

I miss the language—the words, The speed of the conversation. I miss Cubans asking me where I’m from, and knowing that—maybe I can’t pass, but at least I don’t scream American. I miss the heavy weight of the air.

Havana is really dirty. It’s a hot mess. The streets are trashed. There are huge holes in the street. There are skinny dogs everywhere, and crumbling ruins of buildings where laundry hangs on the third floor balcony...But it’s also gloriously terrible.